Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition – 2nd Place Still Life Category

I am so incredibly honored to learn that my painting “Katie Nell Pinkard” has received 2nd Place in the Still Life Category for the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition.

MakingOfAKN-20150102-150wMy great aunt, Katie Nell Pinkard passed away at age 103 on June 12, 2012. Her recipes, or lack there of, in my family are legendary, especially for her fried apple pies. There’s a lot more to the story, but 1_KatieNellPinkardto keep this post less than a book, I was unable to fly down and attend her funeral, so I spent the whole day/ weekend baking all my favorites of hers. Then I set up a still life and photographed it.The fan was hers and always in her kitchen. I love the noise it makes. Most of the items in the paintings were hers. The violets are because she had a knack for growing beautiful african violets, so I got these little guys in 2012 and now they are all flourishing and huge!!
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